Nunatsiavut Government

Head of Government/Organization: Sarah Leo, President

Description: The Nunatsiavut Government was established on December 1, 2005 after nearly 30 years of intense negotiations leading up to the finalization of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement. The Agreement sets out details of land ownership, resource sharing, and self-government.
It provides for the establishment of the Labrador Inuit Settlement Area (or LISA) totaling about 72,500 square kilometers (or 28,000 square miles) in northern Labrador and 48,690 square kilometers (or 18,800 square miles) of sea.

Within the Settlement Area, Labrador Inuit own 15,800 square kilometers (or 6,100 square miles) designated as Labrador Inuit Lands. For the remainder of the Settlement Area there are special Inuit rights related to traditional land use.

The Agreement also provided for the establishment of the Torngat Mountains National Park, Labrador Inuit’s gift to Canada, consisting of about 9,600 square kilometers (3,700 square miles) of land within LISA.

Treaty/Land Claim Agreement: Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement Signatories to the Agreement Nunatsiavut Government, Government of Newfoundland & Labrador and the Government of Canada

Key Dates: December 1, 2005

Brief description of the region covered by claim: Northern Labrador

Total Land Area: Labrador Inuit Settlement Area  (includes special land use rights) – 72,500 km² land area and 48,690 km² of sea
Labrador Inuit Lands (owned by Nunatsiavut) – 15,800 km²

# of Beneficiaries:  Approximately 7200

Aboriginal group within the Land Claims Areas: Inuit

Aboriginal Languages Spoken: Inuktitut